Beach party & Andrew’s B-day #4

Hi guys! This two-day “party-hrad”, as I like to call it, happened a while ago (19th and 20th August) but with the excessive amount of other events and of course my homework I wasn’t able to post this earlier 😊

I’ve decided to write this post in English since I feel more comfortable doing that. The last time I was truly struggling with expressing myself in Czech and I doubt it all made sense. Please excuse my poor level of English writing skills, I know I’ll need to work on it! 😜

SATURDAY: Alex’s going away party 

Franke’s family got up pretty early to get ready for the beach . Julie had already bought everything beforehand and so all we needed to do that morning was to get the into two cars and set off!

The journey with Adam and Sean was very interesting because we talked mostly about the differences between Cali and the rest of the world, about all the places around Rancho I’ve never visitted (and about Alex’s too-fast-driving – we then found out that it was Julie who was driving the car though 😁).

Challenge accepted: “I’ll take as much as I can possibly carry”…but you failed, Alex 😁

When we finally arrived with and dragged all the stuff to the beach I felt a bit dissappointed. I was really hyped to jump into the ocean right away but the weather seemed to look gloomy, sun was hiding behind the clouds and moreover, we didn’t manage to find a firepit! 😵

Essentials for a party on the beach!!!

But then it only got better and better. Impressed by creative American inventions again, I helped with setting up the “tent” for all the food and beach stuff 🍹. Then the sun finally came out and we all went to explore the rocks at the other side of Corona del Mar ⛱.  Ohh, the ocean waves felt so good – cold, wild, unstoppable and so powerful!

For me, it was kind of an adventure to just observe little tiny sea crabs and some interesting organisms found on rocks (they moved when we touched them) and to collect seashells that I later on somehow managed to dump into the sea while boogie-boarding! (ohh, I loved catching waves and randomly moving around with that little board!). To be honest, I pretended to not show how freaked out I was after nearly loosing one of my flip flops while we were climbing over some rocks with waves hitting my face with its claws 😅. It was sooo exciting!

Before I got all wet, sweaty, salty and sunburned after doing SO MUCH on the beach ♥

After we got back, the sun was already burning and I was like: “Ohh, that’s nothing, Linda. You never get sunburned.” and so I didn’t bother to put a LOT of sun cream on my back. Which was a huge mistake and you’ll soon find out why.

So while all the kids were playing, we decided to entertain ourselves with volleyball and frisbee too (it was impossible to beat Ethan and Alex tho!). Anyone who has ever truly experienced playing ball sports in general with me knows that I suck. But since I was at the most beautiful beach I had ever visitted with my american family and friends, I tried veery hard and improved a lot! (especially at service!!)

Every other time I hit the ball, it only went backwards or at the false direction. Don’t ask me why. Well, maybe my PE teacher would know 😂

Building a big sand castle with massive boundaries and a trench (I guess??) for our poor green bug Rick was a blast. Some (inside) jokes occured I wondered what that all meant once again 😆. After that, I enjoyed meeting and playing with some of Alex’s friends who came too! We all went to the other beach which was smaller and talked all the time. They were all very nice and so cool!!

Our Jon Snow of Castle Black: RICK! 

In the evening, most of people had to go home and so there were a few of us left. We decided to just go along the “jetty“, climb and chill on the rocks. And I had one of “deep moments” over there again (the first one was mentioned here).

I literally stated like 5 times: “I wanna die here” (no joke, I really do!!) ♥


The view on the ocean was just breath taking...
Look at the ocean and the world “beyond” it. We are SO little….

DSCF2272DSCF2247.JPGAnd everything went “controversial” again when Adam suddenly put his mind to CATCH some crabs. It was the funniest thing I had seen that day, watching him determined to grasp one but failing to do so 😄 (and he kept doing that for like 1/2 hour!). We also, for an uknown reason, “slid down” under the rocks and tried to sit inside for a while. I would lie if I didn’t say I was scared to be trapped there forever at some point, lol.

So for the rest of our day there was plenty of stuff we did and never got bored:

  • covered our legs with sand and “teased” each other under it
  • watched sunset on the beach, shivering because of no leaving people willing to offer us a firepit
  • took some wicked photos with Alex and Jarrod
  • watched stars
  • almost freaked out because Joey and Itzel couldn’t find their car keys
  • talked about life
  • ate tortilla chips because someone has developed an addiction to it

Finally around 9pm, we all started packing and headed home 😔. To be honest, I was truly looking forward to take a looong shower to wash the sand off, but at the same time I wanted to just stay there, watch the stars and listen to the ocean… I am definitely planning to come back again, Corona ♥.

When three of us got back home, Sean and the boys (who by the way were way more hyper than anyone else that day!) were already asleep. Strangely, I wasn’t tired at all because of the excitement from the beach, and I was ready to do anything but not sleeping! 😇 And so I and Alex watched Forest Gump and talked about random things. I’m glad I could get to know him better before he left for his exchange to SLOVAKIA (Alex’s blog: here)! I think it’s such an interesting thing that happened…. We have actually almost “traded” our lives even though it’s a completely different experience for both of us!!!


The next day, Sunday, was a veery BIG day for the youngest member of our family! My little host brother Andrew turned three and had a nice little celebration party at our house. He got all of his desired toys (his huge car – “Mater”), a super cool lighting McQueen lunch bag, spraying markers, some Czech sweets and trifles from me, a cake and his sweetest b-day buddy Sunvee! ♥ He also tried sitting in Sean’s glider and vividly imagined himself flying… 20953572_10154949767246676_6128765228841521096_n.jpg

Everything was perfect that day except:

  1. finishing my AP Psych notes
  2. my Anatomy reading assignment 😁
  3. my SORE-RED-COLORED-totally sunburned and still hot BACK from the beach. Oh boy, I wish I could have come back in time and put 10 layers of sun cream on. That was the first time I experienced such pain and I have to admit, I had really underestimated it (the skin peeled of and I had a constant need to scratch myself at school!!!) Fortunately, Aloe gel later on helped me a lot!

One of the things that I had never ever thought of doing was a water balloon fight! It was such an amazingly relieving (??) feeling to be set free like a kid again 😍🤓😎🤡🤠 and fighttttt until my last breath. I mean.. after the last balloon popped 😓

Overall – Andrew enjoyed his big day and moreover, he is now a big pro in potty training! He had to say goodbye to his beloved milk bottle, speaks more meaningfully, he’s even more hyper and still cute ♥ (that is never going to change though!)

I am more than excited to be able to see and secretly observe these little changes in his strong character and behavior every single day ♥.

Hope you’re all doing just awesome as I am right now! Stay tuned for more updates about the MOUNTAINS I have visitted, my school and possibly some observations I’ve made here so far!
PS: Please excuse my English once again, I wish I could use more appropriate, correct and cooler words that a normal American teenager would. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure my expressing skills get better over time!



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  1. Chlohemian says:

    can’t wait to hear more about your school. the beach looks beautiful, and you do too! don’t worry about your English; actually, you sound exactly like an American teenager 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda Tran says:

      Haha, I would argue about your last statement! Thank you so much, I enjoyed writing that post a lot! It’s like going back in time and experiencing these moments all over again ♥.


  2. hypnozaba says:

    Excuse YOUR English? Your?! Are you kidding??? 😆😆 Come on your English is perfect. 😝 Enjooooy it so much. It sounds so cool. Luv ya 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda Tran says:

      Shut up, nigga :D. You know how I feel about my English – always needs to be improooved!! ♥ And girl, you’ll be killing it in Ohio, understand??! Have fun and enjoyy your first “total-culture-shock-days”!!!


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